Information design & research


He&Shi is a Hamburg-based studio for information design and research. We are specialists in design for education.

The studio was founded by Congsu He and Lan Shi, two conceptual thinkers, designers and researchers.

He&Shi does not only incorporate our surnames but also refers to HéShì, the Chinese word for „suitable“ or „appropriate“. It reflects our intention to give form to information that is both beautiful and suitable for the content and the audience.


Imparting knowledge with and through design.


We are an interdisciplinary team with skills and experiences in design, communication, training, information technology and research.

Both of us moved from China to Germany at a young age, worked at international companies and ran our own businesses before we head off on this venture together.

Congsu HeDesigner with a deep understanding of science and technology

Lan ShiInformation analyst with a distinctive sense of aesthetics

United by the vision of imparting knowledge with and through design we passionately strive to create experiences that encourage and facilitate all types of learning.