Foster curiosity

and encourage learning


What we do


He&Shi is a Hamburg-based studio for information design and research, focusing on natural science, social science and technology. Our work turns information into experiences that foster curiosity and facilitate learning in everyday life.

We are specialists in concept development and ideation. We make your knowledge shine and flourish in the core areas:

Computer based learning
Data visualisation
Manuals and instructions
Educational publications
and more

Who we are


We are Congsu He and Lan Shi, the founders of He&Shi.

Both of us moved from China to Germany at a young age, worked at international companies and ran our own businesses before we head off on this venture together.

< Congsu He

Designer with a deep understanding of science and technology

infographics \ visual storytelling \ installations \ exhibition design \ signage design \ user experience design

> Lan Shi

Information analyst with a distinctive sense of aesthetics

process and data analysis \ business informatics \ statistics \ human cognition and perception

Why us


We are conceptual thinkers, designers and researchers with unique expertise, among others:


\ The right balance of creative and analytic thinking

\ Experiences as lecturers and speakers

\ English, German and Chinese language skills

He&Shi does not only incorporate our surnames, but also refers to HéShì, the Chinese word for „suitable“. It reflects our understanding that design is both beautiful and suitable for the content and the audience.


Let´s talk.


Business companies, scientific, educational and cultural institutions are sometimes challenged to share complex or abstract information with different audiences. We help you design a narrative that encourages people to participate, understand and memorize.


Sie können uns gerne auf Deutsch schreiben.