Female Students at Bauhaus 1919–1933

infographic, poster / Infografik, Poster

Bauhaus is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. We designed this free work as our contribution to shed some light on the women at Bauhaus.

The infographic does not only visualise how the share of female students declines from 51% in 1919 to 22% in 1933 but also incorporates quotes from both the teachers and the students. It reveals how the vision of gender equality failed in reality due to insuperable prejudices.

Bauhaus feiert sein 100-jähriges Jubiläum dieses Jahr. Mit dieser Arbeit möchten wir die Frauen am Bauhaus mehr in den Blick der Öffentlichkeit rücken.
Diese Infografik visualisiert nicht nur die Abnahme des Studentinnen-Anteils von 1919 bis 1933, sie enthält auch ausgewählte Zitate der Lehrkräfte und der Studentinnen. Beides zusammen zeigt, wie die Vision einer Gleichberechtigung zwischen Mann und Frau an unüberwindbaren Vorurteilen scheiterte .
When Bauhaus was founded in 1919 its progressive vision of gender equality attracted many gifted women. The share of females was 51% in the first semester. But the school board was soon afraid of loosing reputation due to the large number of female students. And the teachers tried to keep women away from all other workshops than weaving. One year after the school´s opening the weaving workshop became the dedicated „Women´s Class“. The share of female students dropped almost constantly to 22% in 1933.
As far as we know today, 462 women were enrolled at Bauhaus between 1919 and 1933 (37% of all students). Many of them made their way against prejudices and turmoils to create trailblazing design work in a wide range of areas. But only a few are well recognised, unlike their male fellows.

Diversity matters

Now 100 years later, gender equality is still an issue. Embracing diversity often means a shift in the mindset and culture, such as participation in social life, or access to particular facilities or information.
We are keen to help raise awareness for unconscious bias and break down communication barriers. Let´s talk.