From bean to tofu

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„From bean to tofu“ is inspired by the tofu making workshops we hosted in Hamburg from 2016 to 2018. This book interweaves the questions raised by the participants with the outcomes of our latest research.

In four chapters we reveal surprising details about soy-based food in an educational and entertaining way.

From field to table: The botanical classification of soybean and soy-based food

Then and now: A brief history of tofu

Tofu making step by step: A guide to homemade tofu

From soy milk to curds: The chemical transformation in 5 pictures

Die Inspiration zu „From bean to tofu“ lieferten die Tofu-Workshops, die wir zwischen 2016 und 2018 in Hamburg veranstaltet haben. Dieses Buch ist eine Mischung aus den Fragen der Teilnehmenden und unserer aktuellen Recherche.
In vier Kapiteln spannen wir einen weiten Bogen von der botanischen Klassifikation der Soja-Pflanze über die geschichtliche Entwicklung des Tofu bis zur chemischen Reaktion bei der Tofu-Herstellung. Auf diese informative und unterhaltsame Weise bringen wir viele spannende Details über Tofu und Lebensmittel aus Soja zum Vorschein.

Our approach

We reviewed, analysed and streamlined source materials, broke down the essentials into small units, and restructured them into four chapters. Based on this outline we created and designed infographics and writing for the content.

Story behind tofu

Starting from 1970s soy-based food, tofu in particular, becomes more established outside Asia along with the growing popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets. But only few people know the story behind tofu: How is it made? When was tofu introduced to the US and Europe?
This book unfolds the story behind tofu from botanical, historical, chemical and culinary perspectives in a comprehensible and cheerful manner.