consulting, educational game / Beratung, didaktisches Spiel

Diversity and inclusion

Perspektivenwechsel, German for changing perspectives, is an educational game designed for the workshop „Why are multicultural teams more successful?“ hosted by Untold Colors. This workshop intents to raise awareness for unconscious bias and reduce communication barrieres.

Embracing diversity often requires trainings and actions to enable a shift in the mindset and organisational culture. The game Perspektivenwechsel aims to create an eureka moment that makes people reconsider their own ways of thinking.

Perspektivenwechsel ist ein didaktisches Spiel, das wir für den Workshop „Warum multikulturelle Teams erfolgreicher sind?“ von Untold Colors entwickelt haben. Der Workshop gibt einen spannenden Einblick in Unconscious Bias und häufige Herausforderungen, die bei der Zusammenarbeit zwischen multikulturellen Teammitgliedern entstehen.
Die Förderung von Diversity braucht konkrete Maßnahmen und Trainings, um einen Wandel in den Mindsets und der Organisationskultur. Unser Ziel ist, ein Aha-Erlebnis mit dem Spiel herovrzurufen. Die Teilnehmenden werden dadurch anregt, ihre eigene Denkmuster zu hinterfragen.

Our approach

The game contains two sets of cards, A and B, with identical but flipped geometric shapes. The participants are devided in teams of two. Everyone receives a card, either A or B, and has to memorize the shapes. Afterwards every team is asked to draw one picture together. 
While comparing the recalled shapes most teams realise that A and B are identical but flipped. But sometimes the different perspectives inspire boundless imagination and creativity. 
Used as an interactive exercise Perspektivenwechsel helps to get away from speaker-centered training towards participation and discovery. It encourages people to rethink their behaviour in an empathic and playful way.